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May I start by apologising for not giving you a report for last Saturday’s match against Willand Rovers when we played really well. I took two hours to write the report and mistakenly hit the “paste” button instead of the “copy” button thus deleting the report after having already wiped my voice recording clear. Oh how I wish that had happened to the report on this game instead!!


In fact Hallen had a promising start to this game as they took the lead after just eleven minutes when Swaby swooped on a defensive error when ably supported by Ingram. Together, the two bore down on the goal with skilful inter passing until Ingram finished the impressive move by putting the ball into the net. We then escaped when a shot from the visitors missed by inches quickly followed by Collett missing one of those half chances that you need to put away. The Hallen supporters remained confident as James Hall saw the run into the box by Cousins before delivering an inch perfect ball that was unfortunately headed just wide. From then the home defence started to look creaky as Huxley used his skill to exploit the short comings only to unusually miss two very good chances. But still Hallen could have doubled their lead as the Ingram / Swaby partnership saw a ball fired across the six yard box where Collett arrived at speed only to be inches from applying the necessary touch in spite of straining every sinew. After thirty-seven minutes, the inevitable happened when a visiting striker walked through Hallen’s rearguard before walking round Burgess to put the ball into the net. The very next minute, Heath were in front when they were given space to drive a rasping shot just inside the post from the edge of the box.


Just four minutes after the restart the visitors had scored again when Hallen lost concentration as they stood appealing for a high foot in the build up that resulted in the break. Despite our frailties Collett gave us a glimmer of hope as he gloriously converted a twenty-eight yard free kick to make the deficit just one goal. But the hope lasted for just one minute as Hallen took the wrong option on the halfway line and Heath bore down in numbers to make it number four. And that wasn’t to be the last of the visitor’s goals as Hallen conceded another under similar circumstances.


Now what did I do with the Willand report? Was it “paste” instead of “copy”? You can just never remember things when you want to.



Hallen – Ingram 11 mins; Collett 75 mins

Cadbury Heath – 37 mins; 38 mins; 49 mins; 76 mins; 80 mins


Hallen cautions: Nil Hallen


Team: 1) Sam Burgess; 2) James Hall; 3) Jack Baber;4) Rhymel Henderson; 5) Shomari Sengor; 6) Kelvin Williams (Safian Skupinski 70 mins);7) Nathan Hall (Edwards-Samuels 60 mins); 8) Scott Cousins (Steven Matthews 46 mins); 9) Tom Collett; 10) Jerome Ingram; 11) Leroy Swaby

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